They. Just. Didn’t. Know.

Having been a  media director in churches both big and small, I’ve noticed a glaring issue that all churches face. It doesn’t seem to matter the size, all churches struggle with it.

Letting people know what’s going on.

Whether your production team is having an volunteer interest meeting or Ms. Janet is cooking dinner for everyone at the fellowship hall, it never seems to fail that someone in the congregation is going to miss it because of one thing…

They. Just. Didn’t. Know.

You have bulletins, newsletters, calling posts and you even stand in front of your congregation and tell them what they need to hear. However, it just keeps happening. So, how can you leverage your communication without just totally breaking the bank?

Digital signage is what you didn’t know you were already looking for. So, what is “digital signage” exactly? In short, you put TVs in your lobby, foyer or fellowship hall that convey important information to everyone.

Now, that sounds easy. However, let’s talk about what all you need to make it happen.

  • It’s gotta make financial sense: A lot of businesses and churches will put communications on the backburner when it comes to budgeting. That makes no sense. Equally as nonsensical is operating in the red. Bottom line. You want to be good stewards of your church’s finances.
  • Beautiful content: No one wants to look at something that’s ugly. Furthermore, no one is going to remember it. Your content has to be appealing, relevant and focus on the message. This requires skilled designers that know how people process visual information.
  • Scheduling: You want to make sure that old announcements get removed on time and that new ones get updated on time. It’s a lot more involved than just slapping everything in PowerPoint on an old PC that’s connected to the TV.

Sounds a little tricky to get it right, huh? And probably even trickier to get it within your budget. That’s where we come in. SquareFrame Media offers an incredibly affordable solution to get you scheduled custom content that informs your entire congregation.

What are you waiting for? Check it out.