Why Should Only Big Companies Have Great Communication Tools?

We bet you have a lot of important information your customers needs to know.
We make it easy to get your information out via digital signage for your business.


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Send us an email with the info your slides need to have.


We do the hard part

We then make beautiful slides to best communicate your message.


Go live

We will upload them to your screens. You don’t have to do anything!



Need things to show at certain times? We can schedule them for you.

It’s Not Just A TV

It’s a better way to get information to your customers. Whether you have a special event that you need to announce or you just want to inform them about prices and services, the possibilities are endless.

The screen is only limited by your imagination. You get the creative media capabilities of a large corporation without the cost. Add the ability to schedule content by the day, week or our, And this TV is transformed into a powerful communication tool.

10 Designed Slides

per month
  • 10 Designed Slides
  • 20 Content / Scheduling Changes
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Friendly support
  • Low maintenance

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This is a big business solution on a small business budget. So, start communicating better today with digital signage for your business.


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