Awesome photos and videos? Check.

Completely customizable media signage? Check.

Rhetorical question asking why you wouldn’t let us make stuff for you? Check.

We’re just going to be honest here. We make some pretty awesome stuff. Want experience? We’ve made hundreds of commercials, taken thousands of photos, and designed more stuff than we can remember.

We make sure that what we do looks amazing. We help business and people look good!

Daniel is a self taught photographer, videographer and entrepreneur.

Prior to starting SquareFrame Media, he worked for Verizon Wireless. The decade long corporate grind saw him promoted to district sales manager with more stress and responsibility than any one man should have.

It occurred to him while working for corporate America that his work ethic and drive was rare, so why not start his own company, you know live life more and stress less. With an educational background in computer information systems and having spent years in a high paced technology based industry, Daniel took his videography and photography passion and started SquareFrame Media.  

SquareFrame Media

We’re just going to be honest here. We make some pretty awesome stuff at SquareFrame Media. Whether it is commercials, tourism videos, digital signage or digital menus, we make sure that what we do looks amazing and that it helps your business.

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